Wood is sold by the “board foot,” which should not be confused by “lineal foot” or “square foot.” One board feet measures 1 x 12 x 12 inches. Prices for our lumber typically vary from $8 to $20 a board foot depending on the species and quality. Some individual slabs can exceed this range based on special characteristics.

For example, a cutting board may be around 3 board feet. A coffee table my be around 20-25 board feet. Larger items like a medium sized dining room table may be around 50-60 board feet. A large dining room table or conference room table may be around 90-100 board feet.

Click the link below for an online board foot calculator,

Shop Rate (general labor) $110/hr
Planer / Jointer $120/hr
WoodMizer LT40 (up to 26 inches) $120/hr
WoodMizer WM1000 (up to 6 feet) $250/hr