Tree & Wood Salvage

When thinking about keeping and milling trees and logs, consider that salvaging your wood typically requires a crane: that can mean city permits, rerouted traffic, issues of clearance with utility wires, 40+ feet for the base of the crane and outriggers, and a truck to transport the tree to the mill. Our sister company Ponderosa Tree Service are experts at large and difficult removals, and we work with them often to transform salvaged urban logs into live-edge custom furniture.

One your trees arrive at our West Oakland sawmill, we can process your wood to any desired size, shape, & smoothness. Logs can be sawn into slabs for drying, or wet wood can be used for sculptural objects and unique art pieces.

Will a full-service mill and our own boom truck, we also assist with picking up wood onsite; ask us about options, and we will provide a quote.